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Running on empty: a workshop on burnout, exhaustion and stress, with jim mcdonald (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

  • Kings Road Apothecary 102 North Kings Road Los Angeles, CA, 90048 United States (map)

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When: January 26-28, 2018

Where: My house in West Hollywood (address and info sent upon sign up)

What time: 26th 7-9pm, 27th 10-4 (ish), 28th 10-2 (ish)

Ask most people how their lives are going, and the vast majority of them will say something like ‘I’m stressed’. Stress levels have become a sort of currency for us as a society— the more we seem to be handling, the more respect we seem to garner for ourselves. We pile on stressful situation after stressful situation without stopping to ask whether this is actually good for us, or what the repercussions might be in the long-term.

Stress is likely the single largest contributor to illness, depleting our bodies of the energy needed to maintain health, fight off infection, and keep us happy & smiling. All to many of us feel like we're swimming upstream or in a constant state of fight or flight, even if we're just standing in our kitchen. There are a myriad assortment of herbs known not only known to offer a calming influence, but which act in a restorative manner upon the nervous system as well.

The other side of this is that people have started to speak out about how stress affects us so negatively— negative stress is (directly or indirectly) responsible for a LOT of the issues we have as a society, from heart conditions, to high cholesterol, to blood sugar issues,  and because we don’t understand it or know how to deal with it, we start to learn that stress itself is a bad thing that should be avoided at all costs. The truth, as always, is somewhere in between these extremes: 

Stress can be positive or negative— it can affect us and make us stronger or it can render us sick, exhausted and fragile. Which way it goes depends on the amount and type of stress, our constitutions, our learned reactions to stress, and how we perceive it.

Join herbalists jim mcdonald and Rebecca Altman in a discussion of the herbs and behaviours that will support us through times of stress and strain, whether it be due to acute trauma or just trying to keep up with the unsustainable pace of life that surrounds us. Special attention will be given to differentiating between the herbs that are best used for an immediate short term effect and those that help to nourish and strengthen the body's core vitality over the long haul. The role of the adrenals and "adrenal exhaustion"; the "fight or flight response"; and the importance of breath work and other supportive therapies. 

This is a two-day class, held in West Hollywood, California. 

(cost: $250 until Jan 1. Then $275)

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