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Into the abyss: an exploration of the depressive states

  • Kings Road Apothecary HQ 102 North Kings Road Los Angeles, CA, 90048 United States (map)

Grief and depression quite frankly, suck. There's no way to put a 'positive' spin on the fact that they are simply terrible feelings that we want to escape. But, that most of us spend our time trying to escape them actually makes them linger much, much longer than they need to. The fact of the matter is that most of us do not have a complete picture when it comes to emotional pain— we see it as something that’s ‘broken’ that needs to be ‘fixed’ so that we can ‘lighten up’ and get back on with our lives again, without seeing that they have something very important to teach us. Not only are they often guide posts for us to tell whether we are content with our lives or not, but they teach us so much about the deeper aspects of being human. And while I don’t think any of us are ever going to enjoy depression, I do think that tools can be taught to learn from it, and grow from it, and use it as a mechanism to help us connect more deeply to ourselves and the world around us. And that, in turn, actually transforms it into something new. 

In this class, we’ll explore the depressive state, by going on a guided tour— as if we’re going to explore a deep, old cavern. In it we’ll look at why these states come about, what causes them, how to navigate them, and how to guide ourselves out, with various exercises and perspective shifts. And of course, we’ll discuss plant medicines and what role they play in this process.

This is going to be a small, intimate class (in my living room), with around 12 people. 

To be clear, my intention is to have you walking away feeling more hopeful about life, not the opposite :). 


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