Change is possible.


'Healing' is an interesting word, so very different from 'cure'. With 'cure' one gets the sense that there is a magical pill to take that will make all symptoms go away, whereas the word 'healing' implies more of a journey. That's because it is, in fact a journey. When you come to me for healing work, we go on that journey together, delving into your personal history, your emotional body, your genetic history and your current and old intentions to get a clear view of what's happening, then we work to unravel the patterns that are creating this situation in the first place.

I believe above all, in the intrinsic intelligence of the body: our bodies, and our energy know what they want. They know what to do. They know what we need more than anybody else can say. My approach to healing comes from a combination of the various modalities that I have studied and practice. The main bulk of my work is in the Maker healing tradition-- a European shamanic tradition in which we look at the whole human energy, including personal history, genetic history, past lives, current and old intents, and emotional patterns, and see where the current issue is stemming from. Then, using breath work and quite simply moving the energy, we will change these patterns to create a new dynamic in the energy and the body. This is an active experience in which you learn the tools to change these patterns yourself. 

This healing work is influenced heavily by my practice as a herbalist, using plant energies directly in healing, but also making or recommending herbal formulas when they are called for. Another aspect of healing that I use is a hands-on somatic awareness and trauma release technique called the Pantarei Approach, which focuses on embodying the flow of change in the body, by helping to release physical patterns. 

The purpose of all of this is to help you change your life: we get so stuck in our habits and patterns, in our emotional outlook, trapped by our history and the way things were. Through the process of healing, we can unravel the patterns that have you stuck in place, and free up more energy to help you set new intents to move forwards with clarity and purpose. 

When we're working together, what I am doing first and foremost is listening to you and your body, and trying to help nurture that spark of a connection so that you, in turn can start to hear it more strongly too. Over time what you'll notice is that you become more *yourself*, more child-like, in a way. Where the *stuff* that usually stands in the way gets cleared out and over time you start to become the person you were when you came into this world. 


Who I work with is not limited by gender, sexual orientation, race or political outlook. The only thing I seek in a client is a willingness to go deep, and a desire to change and heal.