What to expect


In your first healing session, we'll go over the big picture of what's happening: We'll look at the health issues that are arising and will delve in to find the roots of these issues in your energy. We'll come up with a tentative plan for moving forwards and start working. I'll tell you how many sessions, roundabout, I think we'll need (usually it's 4 or 8), and then we'll go from there. 

In a session, we'll spend 15 or so minutes talking (more in your initial visit), and then we'll get you on the massage table (clothed or unclothed-- whichever is most comfortable for you), and we'll start exploring the matter at hand. Each session is different-- some will involve more energetic work, with little touch; some will be much more hands on and feel more like a massage; some will involve getting up and moving around, some will involve discussing herbs and nutrition. It just depends on what your body needs at any given moment, in order to explore, accept and release a pattern. Afterwards, I'll leave you to rest for 5-10 minutes, then we'll briefly discuss how you're feeling and I'll give you some notes or homework for the week. 

After sessions you can feel a little more 'open' or sensitive than normal. I recommend taking some quiet time if possible, eating nourishing foods, drinking lots of water, and in general taking good care of yourself so that you have space and time to pay attention to the changes happening. 

Sessions last an hour (up to an hour and a half for the initial visit). 

Location, cost and schedule

I see clients in person, and via skype. Being able to get my hands on you in person is nice, if possible, but we can do just as much at a distance too. 

I'm currently working in West Hollywood, one day a week in person. For distance sessions my time is much more flexible.  

Sessions cost $150 in person and $120 via Skype.